Barangay Financial Statements Report

Preparation of Barangay Financial Statements


  • Barangay Captains and Barangay Treasurers

Maximum Duration

  • 40 Minutes to 2 – 3 Days


  • Barangay Disbursement Vouchers and Other Related Reports

How to avail service

Step 1

  • Barangay Officials – Present / submit Barangay Vouchers and SACB with complete supporting documents

Frontline Services Unit

  • Accepts the submitted Disbursement Vouchers with the complete supporting documents;
  • Reviews and encodes the submitted vouchers together with the supporting documents per barangay
  • Double check the Financial Statement against the Bank Statement and Disbursement Vouchers monthly;
  • Submission of Barangay Budget to the City for review and approval
  • Reviews and approves the barangay budget