Redemption of Driver's License

Redemption of driver’s license and payment of penalty, if there is any.


  • Owner of driver’s license and plate number’s, duly authorized representative.

Maximum Duration

  • Five (5) minutes maximum


  • Duplicate copy of ordinance violation receipt, official receipts as a proof of payment of the prescribed fines,
  • Authorization letter and identification card of authorized person

How to avail service

Step 1

  • Present duplicate copy of Ordinance Violation Receipt

Frontline Services Unit

  • Check if driver’s license is already forwarded by the apprehending traffic enforcer.
  • Check database for any outstanding/unsettled violation/s.
  • Prepare order of payment.

Step 2

  • Proceed to the Treasury Office to pay the corresponding fines

Step 3

  • Present the official receipt as a proof of payment of the prescribed fines

Frontline Services Unit

  • Check and photocopy the Official receipt.

Step 4

  • Sign the “Received Driver’s License” portion on the order of payment