Bishop Felix Perez on January 2, 1982 issued a Degree of Erection creating Our Lady of Peace Parish. Fr. Ben Ramirez was installed as its first parish priest.  The Church sits on an approximately 7,700.00 sqm area that was donated by QRSI to the Diocese of   Imus. Architect Felix Imperial, a restoration expert, made the conceptual 17th century design of the church. In 2001, the parish crypt called Our Lady’s Memorial Abode came into existence that will contain 5,000 memorial chambers for bone and ash interments. The main church has a floor area of 1,700.00 sqm with its choir loft of 300 sqm. It has an estimated comfortable sitting capacity of 2,500. Once finished it will be one of the biggest churches in the Philippines and the first church in Cavite to have a parish crypt (the OLMA).