Requests for Payment

Detailed Process of Requests for Payment


  • City Officers and Employees, Contractors, Suppliers and Service Providers

Maximum Duration

  • 1 Hour and 25 Minutes


  • Disbursement Vouchers with Complete Supporting Documents

How to avail service

Step 1

  • Present / submit Disbursement Vouchers with complete supporting documents

Frontline Services Unit

  • Accepts and records in the logbook the disbursement vouchers with complete supporting documents submitted for payment.
  • Logs in the Index for Payment
  • Verifies/reviews the completeness of the supporting documents depending on the transactions and its supporting documents. Basis for reviews are subject to COA’s requirements.
  • Prepares Journal Entry Vouchers
  • Reviews JEV’s Entry
  • Reviews and approves DV and JEV
  • Signs the DV and JEV
  • Records and assigns DV Numbers
  • Logs & transmits the signed DV to Treasury Office for cheque preparation

Step 2

  • Treasury Office forwards the prepared cheque together with the fully signed DV by the LCE and City Treasurer to Office of the City Accountant for Accountant’s Advice preparation

Frontline Services Unit

  • Receives the prepared cheque and posts the Disbursement Voucher to Summary Check Issued
  • Prepares Accountant’s Advice
  • Prepares BIR Forms 2306 & 2307 for Suppliers & 2316 for Utilities
  • Signs Accountant’s Advice
  • Releasing of the Accountant’s Advice