In a momentous event held at the Office of the Mayor, the Strike Bacoor Rainbow Community (SBRC) celebrated the official oath-taking ceremony of its newly elected officers today, April 11, 2024. The event was graced by the presence of Mayor Strike B. Revilla, who officiated the ceremony and expressed his support for the community’s endeavors.
The SBRC Executive Board, composed of President Pablito Basano, Vice President Cezar Malaban, Secretary Jay Mar Morales, Treasurer Joey Pintuan, Auditor Cristino Delgado, and Public Information Officer Allan Bautista, stood before the community as they solemnly took their oaths of office. This marked the beginning of their tenure and their commitment to serving the interests and welfare of the Strike Bacoor Rainbow Community.
The event also witnessed the participation of the esteemed Board of Directors, including Alfredo Du, Rodel San Miguel, Michael Tupaz, Carlos Verder, Alex Bañas, Loida Angeles, Marion Zalameda, Doc Mike, and Capt. Jerwin Bautista. Their presence highlighted their dedication to the community and their willingness to contribute to its growth and development.
The Steering Committee, led by Chairman Lowie Gorobat and Vice Chairman Patrick Añonuevi, along with committee members Jerome Lee and Girome Silpao, were also in attendance. Their guidance and support will be instrumental in steering the SBRC towards its goals and objectives.
The Ethics Committee, chaired by Chairman Edgar Tejada and Vice Chairman Julieta Delgado, and members Deolito Orong, Christian Posadas, and Christian Naparan, were present to ensure ethical practices and uphold the community’s values.
The Finance Committee, led by Chairman Rommer Millonte and Vice Chairman Archie Luz, along with committee members Bryan Sabino, Eduard Gervacio, and Jhomar Garbo, were present to ensure financial stability and accountability within the SBRC.
The Membership Committee, headed by Chairman Ronnie Reformado and Vice Chairman Jeffrey Castillo, alongside committee members Richard Catapang, Giccon Barberd, and Roderick Miranda, were also present to contribute to the growth and inclusivity of the community.
The oath-taking ceremony held at the Office of The Mayor was a significant moment for the SBRC, signifying the commitment of its newly elected officers to lead the community towards progress and unity. Mayor Strike B. Revilla expressed his confidence in the capabilities of the new officers and assured them of his support in their endeavors.
The event marked the beginning of a new chapter for the Strike Bacoor Rainbow Community, as the newly elected officers pledged to work tirelessly to uphold the community’s values and promote inclusivity, acceptance, and equality for all its members.
As the SBRC embarks on this new journey, the community looks forward to a future filled with progress, understanding, and harmony. The oath-taking ceremony served as a symbol of unity and shared purpose, reinforcing the community’s commitment to creating a safe and supportive environment for all individuals within the Strike Bacoor Rainbow Community.
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