In an effort to bring progress and development to the City of Bacoor, the Sangguniang Panglungsod of Bacoor, through Coun. Rey Palabrica, organized an event to discuss the construction of the Strike City Tower in Barangay Dulong Bayan.
The event was attended by key figures including Mayor Strike B. Revilla, Coun. Rey Palabrica, and Atty. Aimee Torrefrangco-Neri. Also present were representatives from Heartland Ventures Inc., including Nelly Resplandor (President), Nian Valenzuela (Secretary), Nelson Dinglasan (Engineer), Neldrick Dinglasan (Engineer), and Edgardo Pinero (Engineer).
The primary purpose of the event was to initiate the planning and preparation for the construction of the Strike City Tower, which aims to provide housing for the residents of Bacoor. This project is part of the city’s ongoing efforts to improve the living conditions and provide better opportunities for its residents.
The event took place at the Strike Conference Room on February 20, 2024. During the discussions, various aspects of the project were addressed, including the architectural design, engineering considerations, and financial planning. The attendees expressed their commitment to ensuring that the Strike City Tower becomes a reality and benefits the BacooreƱos.
The construction of the Strike City Tower is expected to have a positive impact on the local economy, as it will create job opportunities and stimulate business growth in the area. Additionally, the tower will contribute to the city’s skyline, becoming a symbol of progress and modernity.
As the planning progresses, Mayor Strike B. Revilla and its partners will continue to work closely together to ensure the successful implementation of the Strike City Tower project. The construction is anticipated to commence in the near future, bringing forth a new era of development and prosperity for the city of Bacoor.
With the vision of a vibrant and thriving Bacoor, the construction of the Strike City Tower marks a significant milestone in the city’s journey towards progress and prosperity.
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