The City Government of Bacoor is thrilled to announce the latest addition to the esteemed list of Atletang Bacooreño members – Aubrey Isabel Ignacio. This prodigious figure skater from Barangay Alima has not only excelled in her chosen sport but has also exemplified the values of hard work, passion, and resilience that we hold in high regard.
Aubrey has been a shining beacon of talent and perseverance, representing our city and country across numerous international platforms. Her impressive list of accolades speaks volumes about her dedication to the sport of figure skating. We are honored to have such a distinguished athlete join the ranks of Atletang Bacooreño.
Her role goes beyond that of a competitor; as a coach affiliated with the US Figure Skating Association, she continues to inspire and cultivate the next wave of skaters. It is this spirit of giving back to the community and fostering growth in others that truly makes her stand out.
As Aubrey joins the Atletang Bacooreño, she brings with her a legacy of achievements and a commitment to excellence that will undoubtedly inspire our youth and fellow athletes. The City Government of Bacoor celebrates her past successes and looks forward to her future endeavors, confident that she will continue to raise the standard of athleticism and sportsmanship in our community.
Please join us in welcoming Aubrey Isabel Ignacio to the Atletang Bacooreño. We are proud to support her as she continues to skate her way to glory and contribute significantly to the sporting world. Together, let’s cheer on Aubrey and all our Bacooreño athletes as they pursue greatness and bring pride to our city.