Bacoor City – The City of Bacoor celebrated the culmination of the Division Schools Press Conference (DSPC) from February 6-8, 2024, with enthusiastic participation from students across the City of Bacoor. The event, wholeheartedly supported by the City Government of Bacoor, was led by Mayor Strike B. Revilla, who has shown a steadfast commitment to the educational and developmental programs of the Bacoor City Schools Division.
The DSPC, which was attended by Vice Mayor Rowena Bautista – Mendiola and Councilor Alde Pagulayan, took place at Bacoor Elementary School for individual contests, and Molino Elementary School and Bacoor National High School for group contests. Officer-in-Charge Babylyn M. Pambid, Office of the Schools Division Superintendent, played a pivotal role in steering the event towards its objectives, which included:
a. Demonstrating an understanding of journalism across various media platforms.
b. Recognizing the importance of journalism in fostering social consciousness and environmental stewardship.
c. Promoting the fair and ethical use of media, which are crucial aspects of responsible journalism.
d. Fostering camaraderie and enhancing learning through friendly competitions.
e. Providing students with opportunities to use journalistic skills in their future careers.
The conference featured competitions in News Writing, Feature Writing, Editorial Writing, Sports Writing, Copyreading and Headline Writing, Photojournalism, Editorial Cartooning, Column Writing, and Science and Technology Writing. Additionally, an exhibition on Mobile Journalism allowed students to explore the latest in media technology.
Group contests included Radio Scriptwriting and Broadcasting, Collaborative Desktop Publishing, Online Publishing, TV Scriptwriting and Broadcasting, as well as School Paper competitions with various sections such as News, Features, Editorial, Science and Technology, and Sports, including Lay-out and Page Design.
The DSPC also honored the hard work and dedication of School Paper Advisers by presenting awards to the Most Outstanding Campus Journalists and School Paper Advisers.
The number of schools from Bacoor City that participated in this year’s DSPC reflects the active engagement of the educational community in the city’s journalistic endeavors. The City Government of Bacoor, under the leadership of Mayor Strike B. Revilla, continues to support such initiatives that contribute to the holistic development of its youth.
For additional information regarding the DSPC and the competition outcomes, please contact (046) 435-6100.