Supplemental Feeding Program

The purpose of this service is to provide food assistance to underweight and severely underweight preschool children as an immediate and direct intervention to improve their nutritional status and prevent any permanent physical and mental retardation. The objective of the program is to elevate to underweight nutritional status of at least 30% of the enrolled severely underweight. And provide food supplementation to at least 24% of the identified underweight and severely underweight preschool children giving priority to 0-3 years old. Moreover,

it provides practical opportunities for developing good food habits among these children and their parents through Nutrition Education Program and other Nutrition-Related Activities.


  • Identified Underweight and Severely Underweight Children ages 0-6 years old
  • Mothers of Feeding Beneficiaries


  • N/A


  • Barangay/depressed areas with high prevalence of Undernourished Preschool Children 0-6 years old
  • Children’s Nutritional Status should fall into Underweight and Severely Underweight.

How to avail service

Step 1

  • Children come for OPT

Frontline Services Unit

  • Conduct Operation Timbang (OPT) or Weight Validation to 0-6 years old children.
  • Consolidation of Validated OPT/Data Gathered.
  • Masterlisting of the Identified Children who are Underweight and Severely Underweight (Boys and Girls)
  • Coordination and Distribution of Masterlist to Barangay Chairman and Feeding Volunteers.

Step 2

  • Parents attend community assembly

Frontline Services Unit

  • Conducts Community Assembly

Step 3

  • Children come for medical check-up/deworming

Frontline Services Unit

  • Conduct of Pre-Medical Check-Up and Deworming

Step 4

  • Attend launching of SF

Frontline Services Unit

  • Launching of Supplemental Feeding Program

Step 5

  • Children come to designated feeding center

Frontline Services Unit

  • Start of Feeding (for 3 to 6 months)
  • Monitoring of SF Implementation/ Home visitation of Underweight and Severely Underweight Feeding Beneficiaries

who are sick; and Monthly Weight Monitoring of the SF Beneficiaries.

Step 6

  • Mothers attend 14 sessions of Mothers’  Class

Frontline Services Unit

  • Conduct Mothers’ Class (14 sessions)

Step 7

  • Mothers attend the evaluation meeting

Frontline Services Unit

  • Evaluation/Recommendation
  • Termination(if necessary)