REACH OUT PROJECT (Child and Youth Welfare ) (Center-Based)

A project that aims to rescue children from the street and facilitate their turn over to their families or placement in other appropriate institution.


  • Street Children, child laborer

Maximum Duration

  • N/A


  • Report of barangay or concerned citizens

How to avail service

Step 1

  • Barangay officials/concerned citizens report cases of street children

Frontline Services Unit

  • Staff receives report/phone calls
  • Refer to CSWD Officer for action, approval
  • Conduct rescue operation

Step 2

  • Street children staying in the center

Frontline Services Unit

  • Rescued children are turned-over at the CSWDO Shelter for Street Children
  • Intake interview
  • Formulation of intervention/ treatment plan
  • Approval of intervention/treatment plan

Step 3

  • Street children staying in the center, turn-over to families or place in institution.

Frontline Services Unit

  • Implementation of intervention/ treatment plan
  • Termination of Case