• Property Owner, Interested Party

Maximum Duration

  • N/A


  • Certified True Copy of Tax Declaration
  1. Request Letter;
  2. Copy of Title;
  3. Certification Fee
  • Certificate of No Improvement
  1. Request Letter;
  2. Certification Fee
  • Certification Aggregate Land Holdings
  1. Request Letter;
  2. Death Certificate;
  3. Certification Fee
  • Certificate of No Property for Specific Purposes
  1. Request Letter;
  2. Barangay Certification;
  3. Certification Fee

How to avail service

Step 1

  • Clients letter requests for Certification Property Owner or his authorized representative fills up the request
  1. In case of Certification of No Improvement:

Requesting party will sketch the location of the property for ocular inspection.
Step 2

  • Evaluation/Examination of Required Documents

Step 3

  • Conduct Ocular Inspection, (if necessary)

Step 4

  • Prepare the Certified True Copy/Certification

Step 5

  • Approval of Certified True Copy/Certification

Step 6

  • Release/Issuance of Certification