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Office of the Building Official

The Office of the City Building Official is a specialized branch of Engineering under the Local Government Code of 1991 having its mandate to enforce the National Building Code of the Philippines (P.D. 1096) and its Implementing Rules and Regulations as well as circulars, memoranda, opinions and decisions/orders issued pursuant thereto. It is tasked to supervise and exercise administrative control over all work pertinent to buildings within the area of responsibility. It is considered as one of the top revenue earners for the City of Bacoor, generating collections from building permit, electrical permit, occupancy, and other related applications as mandated by the Code. It is also tasked to conduct Annual Inspection of buildings/structures prior to approval of business permits. The corresponding partial assessment for buildings, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, signage and other fees shall be derived from actual inspection of the building/structure applied for with the business. Administrative fines for building code violators are also being imposed by the office.


One stop shop for Construction Permit
Frontline Services Offered:

  • Issuance of Building Permit and Ancillary Permits
  • Issuance of Occupancy Permits and Certificates of Final Electrical Inspection for New Structures
  • Issuance of Wiring Permit for Existing Old Structures
  • Issuance of Certificates of Final Electrical Inspection (CFEI) for Temporary Power Connection for structures with ongoing constructions with building permit & for depressed areas
  • Issuance of Certificate of Final Electrical Inspection (CFEI) for Old Structures
  • Issuance of Annual Certificate of Operations (Mechanical)
  • Issuance of Billboard/Signage Renewal Permit
  • Recommending Approval for Business Permits (New/Renewal)
  • Issuance of Certificate of Annual Inspection of Buildings


Mondays to Fridays
Time: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Contact Nos: (046) 481-4121 local 215
Location: Ground Floor Bacoor Government Center


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