New Assessment (Land/Building and Other Improvements/ Machinery)


  • Property Owner, Interested Party

Maximum Duration

  • N/A


  • Land :
  1. Certified True Copy of Title;
  2. Certification from Register of Deeds that the Original Copy is intact and existing in the said registry;
  3. Approved Survey Plan;
  4. Affidavit of Ownership stating How the property was acquired; length of possession; no adverse claim;
  5. Certification from the Barangay Chairman that the declarant is the present possessor and occupant of the land; subject to 10 years back taxes
  • Building:
  1. Blue Print of Approve Plan,
  2. Photocopy of Certificate of Occupancy,
  3. Photocopy of Title,
  4. Tax Declaration of Lot,
  5. Sworn Statement OR Processing Fee
  • Machinery:
  1. List of Machineries,
  2. Date of Acquisition, Cost, Freight Cost,
  3. TD of Building where the machinery is installed,
  4. Sworn Statement OR Processing Fee

How to avail service

Step 1

  • Clients presents required documents for Issuance of New Tax Declaration

Step 2

  • Evaluation/Examination of Required Documents

Step 3

  • Conduct Ocular Inspection

Step 4

  • Preparation of Field Appraisal and Assessment Sheet (FAAS)

Step 5

  • Review and Recommends Approval of the FAAS

Step 6

  • Approval of FAAS

Step 7

  • Assigning of Tax Declaration Number and Notice of Assessment Number

Step 8

  • Preparation of Tax Declaration and Notice of Assessment

Step 9

  • Review of Tax Declaration and Notice of Assessment

Step 10

  • Approval of Tax Declaration and Notice of Assessment

Step 11

  • Recording, Sorting and Filing

Step 12

  • Releasing of Tax Declaration